Cavity Filling

A composite filling is a white cavity filling used to restore cavities or small chips and cracks. They require less tooth removal and blend-in nicely to the natural tooth when compared to their counterpart, the amalgam (silver) filling. They can be very long-lasting when well maintained and look as if you don’t have any fillings in your mouth. We offer a variety of cavity filling materials and welcome discussion about which one is right for you.

This type of filling is a good choice for patients who prefer to not have metal fillings placed in their mouths. We often have patients who request to have their old amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings. This simple cosmetic procedure can yield beautiful, transformative results!

Dental Crowns

Learn more about crowns and find out if they are the right decision for you.

Teeth Whitening

Looking for a quick way to enhance your smile? Check out our teeth whitening options!

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