Lead Dental Assistant

“I entered the dental field in fall 2005 when I took a position as a sterilization assistant at a private practice where my family and I were patients. I received my radiology license shortly after by taking night classes at a local school. After being able to assist with x-rays, I decided I wanted to do more and through self study I took the expanded function dental assistant (EFDA) test in 2008, earning my certificate. I met Dr. White while working in another office in 2012. We got along very well working together over a year’s time, so I was extremely motivated when he opened his practice and I could continue working with a very talented practitioner.

In my spare time, I enjoy teaching group fitness classes at a local gym where I’ve been employed for six years. Recently, I have fallen in love with running and have completed three marathons and numerous half-marathons. I also have an amazing husband of nearly eight years with whom I enjoy fishing, hiking, and camping. He recently taught me to fish for salmon and I caught one that weighed-in at 35 pounds!”

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Brand and Environmental Director

“Hello, I am the wife of Dr. Brandon White and together we have two children. We have lived in the Rogue Valley for over 13 years and love living here because we cherish the outdoors! I love to hike, kayak, bike and ski. I am also a foodie and am obsessed with collecting and perfecting recipes and visiting local wineries.

In 2004 I graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and an emphasis in Media Production. I’ve enjoyed being able to apply my skills to managing White Dental Studio’s brand, marketing, advertising, website, and social media. Thanks for visiting our website!”

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“Hi! I’m Cindy. I love dentistry and always knew that I wanted a career in this field. I became a Registered Dental Assistant in 1984. Later, I attended hygiene school and graduated in 1995. I have worked in both general dentistry practices and periodontics. My favorite part of dental hygiene is meeting wonderful clients and helping them achieve their goals of good oral care.

When not working, I enjoy quilting, hanging out with my husband, gardening, reading the Bible, and enjoying life.



Office Manager

“My first job as a teenager was in commission sales. I found out very quickly that while I didn’t like pushing products onto people they didn’t want or need, I did love providing good customer service. Making people happy by helping them find what worked best for them made me feel good, as well. So, when I was offered my first dental receptionist position in 2001, it seemed a natural fit that would allow me use my skills with the public. Since then, my focus has always been on providing excellent patient care and helping people meet their needs in any way that I can.

At my first dental practice, I quickly worked my way up from a receptionist, to a financial and insurance coordinator, and office assistant to the doctor. Because of the 16 years I spent working in a large specialty practice, I have had the pleasure of assisting many thousands of patients with their financial and insurance needs and have always enjoyed when I could bring a smile to a patient that arrived for his/her appointment worried or nervous.

When I was offered the opportunity to come on board with Dr. White and his team as Office Manager at White Dental Studio –  again, it seemed a natural fit. I am enjoying immensely the ability to spend more time getting to know my patients, and working with such a fantastic doctor and staff.

Outside of work, I have an amazing husband with whom I have been for over 20 years, and we have three young daughters. The girls keep us very busy with dance, gymnastics, acting and modeling, but we also love to do outdoor activities as a family such as fishing or camping on our Applegate river property whenever possible.”

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Dental Assistant

“I started my dental career in oral surgery in 2004 where I gained my x-ray certification and became a certified oral surgery assistant and dental implant coordinator. I have always loved helping a patient enjoy their visit and feel safe and comfortable during any dental procedure. Now that I’m in general dentistry I’m enjoying having more time with my patients to be able to achieve that goal. In my free time I am active with my church where I teach a preschool class. Spending time with my family is the most important thing to me, and when that can be combined with soaking up the warm sunshine that’s a great day! Our family’s Shasta camping trips are always a highlight of the year.”



“As far as I know, I am the world’s only whitewater rafting, tuba-playing dental “guy-gienist.” Not at the same time, of course!

I started in dental hygiene in 2012, graduating from San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico. My first job was in a private practice in Durango, Colorado, where I was the only hygienist.  After two years of great experience, I decided to return to the area where I grew up: Southern Oregon! Since then, I have worked for small offices, large-volume group practices, and periodontal specialists, gaining broad experience to apply in every interaction I share with patients. I am wholly committed to gaining the trust of each individual in my chair in order to build a strong partnership in oral and holistic health.

When I’m not helping patients with smiles, I can be found with my wife Kristin, floating whitewater rivers, playing with my two dogs and cat, exploring wild and beautiful places, and maybe even sharing a frosty beverage with friends.

I look forward to helping you along in your oral health journey!”

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