What is a hybrid denture?

Hybrid dentures are full or partial arch replacement prosthetics for patients who do not wish to have a removable denture or the expense of single tooth implants

A surgeon, highly skilled in placing dental implants, will place an appropriate number of implants in the jaw, and then Dr. White will fabricate an all-acrylic temporary denture, which is secured to those implants during healing. No more loose/ill fitting lower dentures! 

Once the implants and surgical sites are fully healed, we can begin fabrication of our final hybrid prosthetic. Your hybrid is built by processing an acrylic denture and teeth to a custom fabricated titanium bar. The final hybrid denture is connected to the implants with screws, and the holes are sealed with composite filling material.


How long does the process take and how do patients care for their new teeth?

A typical case generally takes 6-7 months from surgery until we are finished. Along the way, we coach our patients on how to care for their final hybrid using the initial temporary as a guide. 

Maintenance is crucial to the success of hybrid prosthetics over time, and we will coordinate a recall schedule with our hygienists as appropriate. Hybrids represent a significant investment, and we do not want to see the same conditions which resulted in tooth loss to reappear.


How much does a hybrid cost?

There are a variety of approaches to fabrication of a hybrid prosthetic as well as variance amongst the surgical placement of implants and what can be achieved. Each case is unique, with cases ranging from $31,000 – $65,000, depending on the desires of each patient.


How long does it last?

Hybrids are built to last. With proper care, yours can last for as long as 10-15 years, or longer!

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Digital Scanning

Digital Scanning

Before you can be fitted with your hybrid denture, a digital scan is needed. See what this scanning is all about!

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