Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers are individual, hand-made, ceramic restorations that Dr. White can use to cover teeth that are discolored, broken, chipped, or out of line. We can use veneers to change the color, size, and shape of your teeth! People looking for a smile makeover will often consider receiving veneers. In our practice we have seen many smiles dramatically changed with incredibly beautiful results.

To give patients an idea of the appearance of  their new porcelain veneers, we frequently complete a diagnostic wax-up. We are able to simulate the anticipated size, shape, and spacing of your new veneers. Our staff is highly-skilled at helping you choose what is best for your smile! From this, we can often do a transfer where we copy the simulation onto your existing teeth. The length, shape, color, and speech patterns can be assessed during this simple step so that you are satisfied before moving forward with treatment.

Dr. White has trained under some of the leading experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry. He is continually expanding his knowledge and skill set, and he is excited to share this with Southern Oregon! Please call our office at 541-708-6288 to schedule your consultation today!

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