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When you think of a dentist, a green dentist who cares for the environment doesn’t normally come to mind. But it should! White Dental Studio is an environmentally-friendly practice. One of our goals as an experienced dentist in Ashland, Oregon was to become a Certified Green Dentist by the Eco-Dentistry Association. We are now certified at its highest level, gold! Our office was designed with green initiatives in mind and we hope to always keep improving. Please visit the Eco Dentistry Association‘s website to learn more about green dentistry. Please bookmark our blog to keep up-to-date with our latest posts including topics like your dental health, green dentistry, the environment, and our community.


In our world, businesses have difficulty incorporating eco-friendly practices because we’re so used to doing things the “easy” way. However, we take pride in being a dependable and environmentally-friendly Ashland, Oregon dentist who families appreciate. Check out our infographic below to learn more about how we incorporate green practices into our dental office and practices! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our office today.




What makes us green

Keeping Our Community Green

Our dentist in Ashland is one of fourteen green businesses that are members of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. In 2017, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce honored us by awarding our team the “Green Business of the Year!” We have also been a proud sponsor of Rogue Valley Earth Day. The City of Ashland also offers a Green Business Challenge. White Dental Studio intends to participate in this challenge that sets goals against which like-minded businesses can measure themselves. We are excited about this new opportunity and encourage our patients to inquire with other local businesses as the Green Business Challenge is launched!


Keeping our community green is just as important to us as using environmentally-friendly practices in our own office. We are here to encourage other small businesses like ours throughout Ashland to take the green leap! Contact our Ashland family dentist today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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