Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is also known as dental hygiene. We offer a variety of dental hygiene options depending on a patient’s dental needs. Our hygienist, Cindy, is a great educator and extremely thorough. We use state-of-the-art digital Ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and tartar deposits from teeth and roots. The Ultrasonic flushes and cleanses your gum tissue. We also use hand instruments to remove any remaining fine deposits. To get your teeth shiny and white, we polish with your choice of fluoridated or non-fluoridated polish paste.

There are 5 basic types of dental hygiene appointments:

A routine prophylaxis for children or adults is considered the standard dental cleaning and typically takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
A gingivitis hygiene visit allows our hygienist to focus on improving gum health and reducing tissue inflammation. We spend a considerable amount of time educating our patients on techniques to improve home care. This appointments typically takes 75 minutes.
A full mouth debridement is for patients who have had a long lapse of time in routine care resulting in heavy plaque or tartar build up. A quick debris removal allows our team to more accurately see your oral health. This appointment typically takes 30-45 minutes.
A scaling and root planing visit allows our hygienist to numb areas of your gums and teeth in order to remove tartar and deposits hidden under your gumline. Tooth roots are smoothed to reduce areas for bacteria to attach on to. This appointment ranges from 75 minutes to 2 hours.
A periodontal maintenance visit typically lasts an hour and is a recall appointment for patients who have gone through scaling and root planing or other periodontal therapies.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Is cosmetic dentistry on your mind? Take a minute to learn about the options available to you at White Dental Studio.

Dr. Brandon White

Dr. Brandon White has been practicing gentle, state-of-the-art dentistry for over 11 years. Get to know him!

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