Dental Home CareLet’s be honest, dental home care can get a bit monotonous. And it’s quite likely that many adults haven’t ever been properly taught what they need to be doing each day, or it’s been awhile and he/she could use a refresher course. Well, have no fear, White Dental Studio’s lead assistant, Tishena, is here to help!

Dental Home Care – How to Brush Your Teeth

“When we brush our teeth, we want to be effective yet gentle. Too much pressure can injure our gum tissue. Proper technique is to angle the toothbrush bristles toward the gums at a 45 degree angle so part of the bristles touch the gums.”

ooooh. aaaaah.

“This is beneficial for plaque removal at the gum line as long as we use soft bristles and light pressure. When you use good technique and brush twice per day, the soft plaque that forms can be removed with light pressure using only your thumb and index finger to hold the toothbrush. Now, brushing only cleans 3/5 of your teeth! We need to incorporate floss!”

Dental Home Care- How to Floss Your Teeth

“Flossing should be done every night after our last meal. Take the floss between the teeth and rub up and down the side of the tooth. You may notice the floss goes just below your gums. This helps to remove plaque at the gum line in between your teeth. You can also curve the floss around, shaping it to your tooth, to cover more surface area for maximum plaque removal. If you’d like, you can finish your regimen with a rinse. Happy home care!”

So there you are, a quick little reminder for tonight when you’re brushing your teeth!

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