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Here's What People are Saying about White Dental Studio

Dr. Brandon is a very caring and thoughtful dentist. Not to mention an exceptional colleague! Shortly after arriving in the Rogue Valley as a new pediatric dentist, he stopped by my office with a warm welcome and offered his resources as support. Super nice guy who is “in it” for all the right reasons! Check them out!

Kolby R.

Very skilled, friendly and thorough are just a few things I experienced with this doctor and his wonderful staff. What made me decided to try them is they will use no fluoride if you’d like and do minimal x-rays at low strength, which was very important to me. I’m 55 and have seen a lot of dentists in my time, and over time the technology has improved, but the human side of treatment had diminished. While they had the latest methods I felt like I was going to a dentist from my youth – listened to and not rushed. In my recent first couple of visits I had a filling done and a cleaning. He was even the one to do part of the cleaning and gum depth check. I felt this gave him the chance to understand my teeth even better. My partner, Ashley, was so scared to go to the dentist. She had put it off for far too long and knew that. After hearing about my great first visit she decided to give him a try. He was willing to just meet with her for a long talk and show her the office and meet his staff. But, she just went for it. They still made her so comfortable and gave top-notch care, explaining everything and every move. As an interesting side note, my medical history was done not on the classic write on a clipboard way with paper, but at a clever computer station and chair just for that purpose, right there in the lobby. I think this actually made the process smoother. I think what stands out the most is their approach, which is open, friendly. Taking the time to explain all my options. My biggest surprise was not being over sold on my care. I had a chip on one of my teeth and it was doing no harm in not fixing it. The dentist was fine with it and said we would just keep an eye on it. That was nice! If you need a better dentist then try Dr. White and his staff. I promise you, you won’t be sorry you did. It is nice feeling like a real person and feeling confident you are getting the best medical care for your teeth that is possible.

Kenton G.

I’m back on track thanks to Brandon and his team. I’ve been apprehensive about going back to the dentist but it was easy at the White Dental Studio. Good health is the greatest wealth and I’m confident these folks are fixing me and will keep me tuned up. I like the staff, the studio’s cutting edge equipment, location, and prices are fair. I opted for the whitening treatment and walked out of my first visit with noticeably whiter teeth. I highly recommend these folks!

Eric H.

Best dental experience I have ever had.
Have somehow squeaked by most of my life with perfect dental health but then got a little too confident and naively took a few years off visiting the dentist and finally made an appointment to see Dr. White a month or so ago and was shocked to find out I had a lot of issues that needed to be taken care of.
It was a surprise for sure to find out my teeth were in bad shape but I really feel like I was in the best possible hands and I am so glad Dr. White and his lovely assistant were the ones to do this work that needed to be done.
I felt very cared for and trusted both of them and would recommend Dr White to anyone looking for high quality intelligent skilled and trustworthy dental work.
Thank you so much Dr. White and team I so appreciate you.

Emily J.

This is a wonderful office! The front desk is helpful and proffesional. I loved being able to fill out my new patient information on the computer; it’s faster and wastes less paper. I barely had to wait at all in the lobby and not at all in the chair. Tishena, the dental assistant, clearly is very experienced; my x-rays took way less time than at some other offices. The images they took of my teeth (both photo and x-ray) were very clear. Dr. White then did a very thorough exam and explained everything he found while showing me on the screen. He and Tishena worked like a well oiled machine while taking down all of my chart notes. All in all, a great experience! I’ll be going back soon to have my cleaning, whitening, and two small cavities filled. I really liked that I didn’t leave doubting his judgment on what needed to be done, and what could be done down the road if I so choose. I have been to some other offices where it seemed like they just wanted me out of there and to get to the next patient. Not here! The whole staff truly seems to care about me and my dental health. Thank you!

Meg N.

I had the misfortune of having a very painful tooth problem while on vacation in Ashland. My good fortune came with a visit to Dr. White and his amazing staff. Everyone was so thoughtful, compassionate, and I had my problem fully explained and treated. I was able to spend the rest of the week without pain. Wow. Cannot recommend White Dental Studio highly enough!

Judy C.