White Dental Studio provides routine procedures for:

Occasionally, a patient will have needs that we cannot address in our office. When these situations arise, we work with you to coordinate specialty dental services. We are fortunate to have specialists in orthodontics (braces), pediatrics (dentist for children), and endodontics (root canal therapy) nearby. Our office also works with periodontists (gum disease) and oral surgeons located in Medford.

We pride ourselves on educating you on the details of your visits and procedures. White Dental Studio will work with you to ensure that your needs are being met and your questions are answered. Preventive treatments go a long way to reduce the risk of dental decay and tooth loss. We believe patients have choices. We offer fluoride treatments, toothpastes, re-mineralizing toothpastes, and floss. However, if you would prefer fluoride-free polishing pastes (during your cleaning) or natural toothpaste/floss alternatives, our staff will be happy to review several products available to consumers locally and also through our office.

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