What is Digital Scanning?

A digital scan is a 3-dimensional virtual replication of teeth and gums using thousands of images recorded per second from the scanner. At White Dental Studio, we utilize the iTero Element 2 intra-oral scanner.


Why take a digital scan?

With digital scanning, we are able to scan 95% of cases in under 3 minutes. It’s quicker than using traditional impression techniques and much more friendly on the environment because there’s no need to use impression material or plastic trays. 

We use digital scanning to:

  • Complete initial records
  • Identify problems within the mouth, and between and inside the teeth 
  • Fabricate bleach trays, removable dentures, and prosthetics
  • Scan the mouth in high resolution for crowns, implants, bridges, and other restorative procedures. 

We can also compare previous scans with current scans to show a progression of wear, tooth movement, or recession/periodontal disease.


Are scans covered by my insurance and how much do they cost?

The best part of digital scanning is it comes with no additional out of pocket cost to you! While they do not replace radiographs nor other diagnostic procedures, the cost of a digital scan is included with the fees associated with whichever procedure we are completing—whether it be initial records, a diagnostic case review, restorative or implant work, or dentures.


Is digital scanning safe?

Digital scanning is incredibly safe and requires no radiation. It is comparable to just taking pictures of your teeth.

Digital Scanning

Environmentally-Friendly Dentistry

Learn more about our other certified green practices in our dental clinic.

Hybrid Dentures

Digital scanning is often required before any tooth replacement procedure, like a hybrid dental implant. Find out more about this option that gives you back the convenience of having a full set of teeth at less cost!

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