Dental Implants 

Dental implants are often the most ideal tooth replacement solution. Why? Because implants look and function most similarly to a natural tooth and often do not require any drilling on the adjacent teeth. A dental implant is a replacement root for a tooth and is typically made out of titanium.


Partnering with Dental Implant Specialists

Our team at White Dental Studio coordinates implant placement with local oral surgeons and periodontists. We team up with specialists because research suggests a 98% or greater success rate in implants placed by a specialist.


Implant Follow Up

After the implant is placed, we then help to restore your new tooth. At this point we either obtain a scan or make an impression for a laboratory to build an abutment (a connection to the implant) and a new crown. After about 3 weeks you will return to our office and our team will screw the abutment into the implant and place your implant crown. We like to follow implants closely over time to make sure your investment is still functioning properly.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

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