At White Dental Studio...

…the choices you make for your body are respected. Dr. White is a family dentist who has a classic-conservative treatment philosophy when it comes to dentistry and he welcomes open dialogue from those who prefer alternatives. He works hard with each individual patient to find a treatment plan that is best. Dr. White is committed to his patients and offers natural options to better their oral health, as well as the environment.


For those who wish to not use fluoride, White Dental Studio offers fluoride free tooth polish for regular cleanings. It contains flour of pumice and is free of fluoride, flavor, oil, wax or dyes. It’s great for homeopathic patients or patients who are allergic to colors and flavors. Dr. White does approve the use of fluoride for children (including his own) and adults, in appropriate doses.


At our practice we have the most up-to-date digital radiography equipment which significantly reduces patient exposure to radiation. Dr. White practices the principle of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Acceptable).  Dr. White will determine which radiographs, if any, are required on a patient-by-patient basis. For those who are not able to have x-rays taken due to medical reasons, you are welcome here at White Dental Studio. Dr. White is happy to work with your doctor to figure out the safest solution for you.

Patient Take Homes

We offer both standard and natural tooth care products for our patients to take home after cleanings. It’s up to the patient if they would prefer to take home Crest brand supplies or Tom’s of Maine brand natural supplies.

Dental Materials Used

Dr. White prefers mercury-free, tooth colored restorations (fillings, crowns, onlays, temporaries, implants, etc). We believe in choosing materials based on their bio-compatibility with tooth and tissue to achieve the safest restoration for you and your family members. White Dental Studio has an amalgam separator which prevents the mercury and metals of removed silver amalgam fillings from advancing to our water system. We do stock a limited amount of amalgam products, should that be requested.

What Is Environmentally-Friendly Dentistry?

What we do to make our dental practice “green.”

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Brandon White graduated dental school in 2007 and has practiced in the Rogue Valley ever since.

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