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Happy Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! We love Earth Day because it’s a great reminder each year that, a) we need to do all we can to preserve our environment starting today and b) we are not alone! It’s always so encouraging to see how many people also celebrate our planet and we love to get recharged each year on Earth Day to keep doing what we’re doing!

We’re an eco-dentisty practice so it’s pretty easy to tell that we take caring for our planet seriously. So serious in fact that we went out of our way to create a practice that reduces waste and pollution, and saves water and energy. How can that translate into our every day life, you ask? By remembering those same principles at home!

Reduce Waste and Pollution at Home

Reduce Waste
#1) TRY SILK FLOSS. Floss creates waste if you’re using a brand that is primarily made of out plastic. A great floss to check out is made by Radius and is made out of 100% natural silk. According to their website the silk is organic and biodegradable. So, floss and then toss (it on the compost pile).

Reduce Pollution
#2) GREEN YOUR TOOTHBRUSH. This is an incredibly easy change to make because more and more grocery stores are carrying options. We have an entire post dedicated to this topic called “Green Your Toothbrush! (And Look Good Doing It)” where you can find some really great info!

Save Water and Electricity at Home


Save Water
#3) TURN OFF THE TAP. Seems simple. Is simple! Please make sure you, and the people you live with do, too! According to, we lose over 2 gallons of water per minute while brushing. Brush 2x a day for a year and that adds up to over 1500 gallons of water wasted. That’s enough to fill a huge water storage tank that measures roughly 8ft tall and 5ft wide!

Save Electricity
#4) UNPLUG YOUR ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH CHARGER. It isn’t necessary to charge your electric toothbrush every day, all day. The average brush lasts several weeks between charges and it is usually easier on the battery to not be charged constantly. Maybe you don’t put your toothbrush back on the charger but leave the charer plugged in? Then let me introduce you to phantom load, also known as vampire power. When an electrical item is left plugged in even though it’s turned off, it is still very likely consuming some electricity. So to better safe then sorry, unplug that charger!


Let us know in the comments if you have additional ways to “green your routine.” We love hearing them! Happy Earth Day 2015!

Want to learn more? Check out our recent post, “100% Natural Home Care Products

Post written by: Lauren White, Head of Environmental Stewardship at White Dental Studio in Ashland, OR.

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