“The dentist will see you now.” As more and more dental offices open up across the United States, the question many concerned patients are asking is if it’s safe enough for them to schedule a visit. The answer is yes. 

When the pandemic started, many dentists closed their practices to anything but emergency procedures. Others closed completely. But as the CDC, local and state officials, governing bodies, and industry experts issue guidelines to help mitigate the risk of exposure, it is slowly going back to “business as usual” for many dental offices.

How Your Local Dentist Office is Protecting Your Health

Your local dental practice is most likely operating in accordance with recommendations from professional organizations. These guidelines cover triage protocols, the use of personal protection, cleaning procedures, social distancing measures, and generally increased safety standards.

At White Dental Studio, we have made sweeping changes in the office to give you and our workers the safest possible environment. Here are some:

1. Before an office visit, patients will go through a screening process which consists of a number of questions about the patient’s health. Upon arrival for the appointment, patients will receive a temperature check and be asked the same screening questions again.

2. Visitors to the office will be asked to use a hand sanitizer as they enter. There are also hand sanitizers placed around the office for use, as needed.

3. The waiting room is always kept clean and disinfected. 

4. Appointments are staggered to allow for social distancing between patients. 

5. Potential sources of infection in the waiting room, such as magazines and toys, have been removed.

6. Patients are highly encouraged to come alone, or to limit, the number of companions to reduce the number of people in the office.

The measures local dental practices have put in place differ from one another, but they are mostly similar to the safety protocols mentioned above. So far, the stringent precautions are working because as of July, the CDC and WHO have reported that there have been no Covid-19 transmissions from dental offices.

Should You Book an Appointment for Routine Cleaning?

Initially, routine checkups and visits were deemed non-essential. However, most dentists will now tell you that as long as a practice is observing strict precautions against Covid-19, it is safe to go. If you’re still concerned, you can call and ask your local dentist these questions:

1. Are staff and patients required to wear a mask at all times?

2. Do they have enough protective equipment?

3. How many people are usually in the waiting area?

4. How often are the rooms and offices cleaned and disinfected?

Don’t let the virus keep you from getting the proper oral care.

We at White Dental Studio are here for our existing patients and new ones during this uncertain time. Please call us today at 541-708-6288 to book your appointment or learn more about our office procedures during COVID-19.

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