If you’ve been to a dental office, you might have heard MI Paste (or Clinpro, which is a similar product) being mentioned. Or you might have heard something about it from a friend. Many dental care professionals laud it for being an effective non-surgical treatment for a number of dental symptoms.

So what is MI Paste, and why do dental professionals highly recommend the product?

What is MI Paste and What Is it Used For?

MI Paste is short for Minimal Intervention Paste. It’s a sugar-free and water-based cream that helps the teeth by using calcium and phosphate to remineralize and strengthen them. The paste uses an active ingredient called RECALDENT, which is derived from phosphopeptide, to bind the calcium and phosphate to the tooth surface.

The product helps improve saliva flow, which is essential in washing away plaque-causing bacteria. It is also effective in soothing sensitive areas of the teeth, which is why it’s also known as a ‘tooth sensitivity paste.’

How Does MI Dental Paste Work?

Every time you eat or drink, the pH level in your mouth becomes more acidic or imbalanced. When there’s enough acid in the mouth, tartar and plaque build up and tooth decay becomes a big possibility. 

MI Toothpaste boosts saliva flow, enabling it to neutralize all the acid in your mouth to bring your mouth back to normal pH levels. 

Who Needs To Use MI Paste?

Your dentist may recommend the cream to you to help:

  • Reduce dental erosion caused by the acids from food you eat, alcohol, sodas, gastric reflux, or nausea associated with medical treatments or morning sickness 
  • Reduce the risk of cavities or tooth decay
  • Relieve dry mouth symptoms caused by medications, smoking, chemotherapy, stress, or drug use
  • Protect from teeth sensitivity after a whitening treatment or professional cleaning
  • Protect the teeth of children under 6 (because MI Paste does not contain fluoride)
  • Prevent white spots from developing around braces

Using MI Toothpaste

Using this cream paste doesn’t entail much preparation. It’s easy to apply, and you can do it at home. Simply apply some paste onto your tooth surfaces using a finger or a mouthguard that your dentist will provide for you. Leave on for three minutes to help it absorb into the surfaces, and then rinse.

Want to learn more?

MI Paste is available at White Dental Studio. Ask Dr. White whether MI toothpaste will benefit your oral health given your unique dental situation and history. Give us a call at 541-708-6288 to set up an appointment. 

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