Back in the day, people who were missing many or most of their teeth had little option but to go with removable dentures, which weren’t the most comfortable or easiest things to adapt to. They could slip around when worn, and you might have difficulty speaking or chewing with them due to lack of stability.

The other option was to choose the dental implantation route, which some patients find costly. The cost becomes even more expensive as the number of teeth to be replaced goes up.

Today, there are a few more options to choose from to give you back the convenience of having a full set of teeth. These options include the use of hybrid dental implants.

What Exactly Are Hybrid Dental Implants?

Hybrid dental implants are full dentures that are fixed onto implants. These combine the stability of implants with the inexpensive cost of dentures. 

Unlike regular dentures that are removable, these hybrid dental fixtures are fixed in place into your mouth using a set of posts that fuse with your jaw. The denture sets are then attached to those implants to keep them secure, so you never have to worry about your dentures slipping while you talk or eat.

How These Implants Benefit You

While dental implants are the most highly recommended way to replace missing teeth, the prohibitive cost can make it out of reach for many patients, which makes hybrids the next best thing. 

Hybrid implants replace teeth roots, providing stimulation to the jawbone and keeping it preserved from wearing away. And like real teeth, these hybrids can be cleaned using the same method you use for natural teeth. Just put some toothpaste on a toothbrush and brush away.

Broken hybrids are easily repaired, and they have a low failure rate. What’s more, because these fixtures are held firmly in place, the force of your bite is increased to allow you more food options. With proper care, your hybrids can last for years (around 10-15).

Are You A Good Candidate For One?

You will need to be examined by Dr. White to find out if you have the bone structure to support such an implant. Digital xrays may be taken and other factors will need to be considered to determine if you are a good candidate for a hybrid. These factors include your:

  • Existing health conditions
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Overall health

Thinking of Getting Hybrid Dentures? Get Started Today!

The first step to a beautiful smile is to schedule a consultation with our dentist. Call us at 541-708-6288 to book an appointment. 

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