When something happens to your teeth, like an accident or a cavity, your dentist may discuss options with you. One of them might be a dental crown. Here are four things that a crown can do for you.

Protect Your Tooth After a Root Canal

If you have a cavity that makes its way too deep into the tooth and strikes the nerve, your dentist will likely have to do a root canal. The end result will be a dead tooth, which will require some protection. If this is the case, protection can come in the form of a dental crown!

Protect a Cracked Tooth

Did you bite into something too hard, causing your tooth to crack? Rather than extracting the tooth, your dentist may clean the area and then put a crown over it to protect the tooth. The same thinking can apply if you have a cavity that is too large to have a filling put in. Instead, the dentist will get rid of any decay and put the crown on top.

Act Like a Natural Tooth in a Dental Implant

When you get a dental implant, the process involves having a titanium screw inserted into your jaw and then having it fused with the jawbone. After that, the dentist will put an abutment over the area and a dental crown placed on top of that. When this happens, the crown will stay there permanently. There’s no need to take it out as you would with dentures.

Provide Long-Lasting Support

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials. For example, ceramic ones are fairly durable, lasting anywhere between five and 15 years depending on the type of care you give them, according to Healthline. Porcelain ones can last longer, possibly up to 25 years. You just need to avoid having things like hard candy since the material is durable and not unbreakable.

Your choice of material can also be affected by where the dental crown is going to be placed. There are some spots that will have a greater bite force, so weaker material could wind up being broken. Be sure to talk with your dentist about what would be the best option for you.

Are you interested in finding out more about dental crowns? Contact our professional team at White Dental Studio today! We look forward to working with you.

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