Almost everyone has a health insurance plan in place, but dental insurance is lagging behind. And dental wellness plans? They’ve largely flown under the radar. Not many know that there are other options for people who can’t afford or don’t want to buy dental insurance. 

But before we get into the ‘why’, let’s talk about the ‘what’ first. What are dental wellness plans (also referred to as a membership plan)? How are they different from dental insurance?

Dental Wellness Plans vs. Dental Insurance Plans

A dental insurance plan covers expenses up to the owner’s annual limit. For example, if your plan has a maximum limit of $1000, any type of procedure that will exceed that amount or is not covered by the plan will be paid out of pocket. Insurance plans typically cover preventive care and basic and major procedures at a set percentage until the yearly maximum has been reached. Cosmetic treatments are usually not included. 

On the other hand, wellness dental plans cover a wide range of dental treatments for a discounted fee. Instead of paying a third-party company, you pay your dental office directly in exchange for a reduced rate. 

Advantages of a Dental Wellness Plan

A major advantage of wellness plans over insurance plans is the lack of a waiting period. There is no need to send a claim to the insurance company and no need to fill out forms. In exchange for the membership fee, you will be entitled to discounts on services offered. 

In dental wellness plans, pre-existing conditions are covered. There is no annual maximum, no pre-determinations, no deductibles, and no treatment limitations. You only pay for the treatments that you need.

What We Offer

White Dental Studio offers a variety of wellness plans for adults, children, and periodontal patients. Depending on the type of plan, treatments may include regular or periodontal maintenance cleanings, periodic exams, oral cancer screenings, iTero scans, x-rays, emergency visits, custom whitening, and more. 

Plans start at only $24 and up per month. You can find more details about each of the plans here

We make dental work more affordable for you.

White Dental Studio helps make dental visits more affordable through our Dental Wellness Plans. With these plans, you can continue to get quality oral care and save money at the same time. Call us at 541-708-6288 or drop by our office to know more.

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